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Shin Megami Tensei 5 offers that delicious blend of difficulty that can be categorized as both steep and fair. Nothing in the game breaks established rules to hurl unavoidable oblivion at you, but at the same time, it's important that you truly understand those rules.

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The nicest part of understanding them, of course, is seizing every advantage they offer. And there's no greater advantage than Miracles. True to their name, their assistance can be invaluable. Best of all, they're permanent unlocks, meaning the perks of purchasing one will never fade away.

But how are Miracles unlocked? What sort of currency is needed? And, of course, which Miracles will make the Nahobino's deadly job a whole lot easier moving forward?


What Are Miracles?

SMT5 Miracle Pacification

You'll unlock access to Miracles relatively early into the main story, so don't worry about missing out on the system entirely. Miracles are purchased at the World of Shadows — you'll know you've reached the place when a rather towering woman named Sophia introduces herself to the protagonist.

Miracles come in four distinct varieties. Breaking these down is the first step on the road to deciding which ones are most worthy of your time.

  • Supremacy Miracles affect negotiation prowess and general combat capabilities.
  • Doctrine Miracles affect shopping prices and demon-fusing.
  • Awakening Miracles affect stat growth.
  • Cosmos Miracles affect skill strength thresholds.

How to Gain Glory

Shin Megami Tensei 5 Gustave

Learning Miracles requires the exchange of a currency system called Glory. While tossing in another sort of coinage may complicate matters a tad, it's probably for the best — macca doesn't exactly grow on trees, after all.

You can earn Glory in multiple ways. The first, and perhaps most obvious, of which is by finding Mimans. These strange little servants of the even stranger Gustave have gone and sprinkled themselves throughout the world. Every Miman you grab will produce a small amount of Glory. This scales upward the further players progress into the main story.

Alternatively, there are Amalgams. You've probably seen at least a few of these. They float, they're silver and they kind of look like fruit. Amalgams serve as Shin Megami Tensei 5's foremost stock of inevitable "collectibles hidden in obscure and off-track locations just begging for you to find them."

Certain quests will grant you Glory Crystals as a partial reward.

How to Unlock More Miracles

Shin Megami Tensei Abscess

But there's one more thing to know. Just grinding for Glory alone won't do you any good. New Miracles won't be added to Sophia's stock unless you destroy Abscesses. Abscesses are those ugly-looking red blotches blocking your path all over the place that summon monsters when you get too close.

So long as you're prepared for a fight, there's seldom any reason not to get "too close." Not only will more Miracles be added for purchase this way, but you kind of need to do this to progress through the story at some point, anyway.

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The Best Miracles

The protagonist of Shin Megami Tensei 5 looking over a post-apocalyptic Tokyo

With Glory in your name and a city of Tokyo that's visibly lacking in Abscesses, it's time to get shopping. Few, if any, Miracles are downright useless. Atlus has done a fine job ensuring that the system is balanced and every option can prove worthwhile to some measure or another.

But time is short when you've got a human race to save, so here are the nine best Miracles in Shin Megami Tensei 5.

Effect Glory Cost Unlock Condition
Deathly Aura Enemies on the verge of defeat may beg for their lives. This can make negotiations easier. You can sometimes snag some cash or Essence by extorting them as well. 30 Clear West Shinbashi Abscess.
Knowledge of Tools Demon allies can now use items in battle. This opens up a plethora of tactical approaches. 85 Clear Tennozu Abscess.
Empowering Cheer HP and MP will be restored when the protagonist or their demons level up. Recovery is sometimes sparse inside the game's lengthier dungeons, so this can be a lifesaver. 5 Unlocked by default.
Divine Amalgamation The Nahobino can now tap into various potential elemental defense affinities when fusing Essences. 20 Clear Hamamatsucho Abscess.
Divine Garrison A must-have. Growing the Nahobino's arsenal of demon allies is pivotal to survival in the later stages. 10 Clear Mita Abscess.
Art of Essences Another necessity. Art of Essences drastically increases the number of skills that the protagonist can learn from demons. 30 Clear Mita Abscess.
Forestall Slashing an enemy without drawing its attention grants a substantial increase to the Magatsuhi Gauge. 5 Unlocked by default.
Hand of God Adds a small chance of gaining an additional relic whenever one is acquired. This can lead to a nice financial windfall over time. 5 Unlocked by default.
Divine Proficiency Increases the protagonist's number of skill slots. Demon Proficiency, which does the same but for demon allies, is eventually worthwhile as well. 30 Clear Mita Abscess

Several of these Miracles have more powerful versions lurking further along in the game. You can safely assume that they are worth prioritizing, as there's never too much of a good thing.

Lastly, while these are firmly in the uppermost echelon for their myriad applications, don't completely neglect more mundane Miracle chains like Physical Mastery and Almighty Mastery. Increased skill potential can turn the Nahobino into a powerhouse. But the fourth ranks for these are notoriously costly, so it's far better to gain a great foothold with the game by going after more all-purpose fare early on.

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