Portal has returned, but not in the way you'd hope. That's right, instead of getting Portal 3, we've got a cameo appearance in a Geico Insurance commercial.

Fans of Valve's games are pretty used to not getting new games, but nowhere is this more painful than with Portal. Despite having two of the best games ever made, Valve has yet to announce anything new for the series and seems content with just having cameos in games like Super Bomberman R and strange crossovers like Bridge Constructor Portal.

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Well, it seems to have taken that trend one step further by moving away from gaming altogether and jumping ship to car insurance. As reported by PC Gamer, Geico uploaded a new commercial earlier this month that features the Geico gecko teaming up with GLaDOS in the Aperture Science labs, complete with companions cubes, a Portal Gun, gravity lifts, and, of course, portals.


The commercial features the gecko asking the viewer to help him escape the test chambers, before GLaDOS tells him that it's impossible to escape. The gecko then advertises Geico and calls saving money on car insurance through them easy, before being told that he's in the wrong place if he's looking for easy. He then woefully misunderstands the point of Portal and tries jumping through before getting stuck in an infinite loop.

It's not just a visual choice either, as GLaDOS is credited as being voiced by Ellen McClain in the video's description, which is famously who voiced her in both Portal games. PC Gamer reports that Geico reached out to Valve and that they were happy to help out.

This commercial is far from the first crossover that Geico has done, as it has once featured Animal from The Muppets as well as Yogi Bear. Geico also isn't the first to use gaming characters for insurance ads, as Progressive previously featured Sonic the Hedgehog in one of its commercials from 2012.

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