Switch Axes are critically powerful weapons, so it's no wonder if you've taken one up as your primary weapon in Monster Hunter Rise - but staying primed for the next hunt requires frequent visits to the smithy and consistently upgrading select weapon trees that will lead to the best weapon of each class.

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Today we're keeping our sights narrowed on the best Switch Axes in MHR. After several weeks of trying out the steam beta, we've picked out a few favorites primed for dealing damage with the different elements or status effects, respectively, so you can set your sights on your favored weapon trees early and get the best start in your new adventures on the PC.

10 Schale Batis (Sleep Element)

Character Holding the Schale Batis Weapon

The Schale Batis is possibly the best defensive weapon a hunter could ask for. It has a less than astounding 170 base Attack, but a defense stat of +20 and an additional triple Defense Boost can be equipped as Rampage Skills.

Its unique sleep effect of 23 points is bolstered by a rank two Sleep Boost, providing extra insurance you'll be able to pacify a monster and make the capture or kill.


9 Grimmige Katze (Paralysis Element)

Character with Grimmige Katze

The Grimmige Katze strikes a healthy balance between straight power and elemental specialization, with a 180 base attack and 27 Paralysis point effect.

This balance of power is brought out even more with Rampage Skills such as a rank two Attack Boost, a rank three Affinity Boost, and a Paralysis Boost for good measure - plenty to work with here, that's for sure.

8 Conqueress or Night's Crescent (No Element)

A screenshot showing gameplay in Monster Hunter Rise

The best no-element switch axe for any given hunter will depend on whether they place greater value on consistent attack strength or critical rating. The Conqueress has a base 210 Attack and 10 Defense, and it can also be stacked with a Silkbind Boost and an Affinity Boost three to really round out its deadly qualities.

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If a critical rating is what you're after, then the Night's Crescent will be more up your alley. Its moderate 180 Attack is enhanced by an Attack Boost three Rampage Skill, plus a rank two Affinity Boost applied to its already substantial 40 percent critical rating.

7 Parting Slice (Water Element)

Goss Harag attacking a hunter in Monster Hunter Rise

This water-based switch axe is a well-rounded weapon with a 190 base attack, 29 elemental points, and a 15 percent Affinity. Those stats make this blade a fiercely accurate weapon to wield, so just think about the devastation it can unleash when you add on rank two Attack, Affinity, and Water Boosts for Rampage Skills.

If you were looking for a bit more hydro damage, you could try out the Doom Bringer Axe with 42 Water Element points and an Element Exploit. A bigger Attack Boost should do the trick to bolster its damage output, but you'll have to sacrifice the critical rating the Parting Slice switch axe provides.

6 Amber Hoarfrost (Ice Element)

Amber Hoarfrost held in air

It's hard to compete with the Daora's Janah when it comes to flat-out ice damage with a base 41 elemental stat, which makes it a top contender in this category. However, if you're looking to strike a balance, the Amber Hoarfrost is actually the way to go with a 29 base element, but a 30 percent Affinity.

The Amber Hoarfrost's real power is unleashed with Rampage Skills such as rank four Attack and rank two Affinity Boosts, which make the elemental switch axe's base 190 attack look like a solid starting point for such robust buffs; not to mention the Iceblight Exploit skill that can wreak chilling havoc on susceptible monsters.

5 Rath Blaze Splitter (Fire Element)

Rath Blaze Splitter weapon held by character

With a base 210 Attack and a 30 Fire Element damage, it's hard to deny the power held in the Rath Blaze Splitter - a solid choice for anyone looking at strong attacks and dealing fire damage.

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It's one of the sharpest switch axes in the game and stacked with Rampage skills such as a rank three Attack Boost, a Fire Boost, and an Element Exploit, the Rath Blaze Splitter can rage with its true fury.

4 Teostra's Castle (Blast Element)

Teostra's Castle weapon screenshot

Teostra's Castle has a substantial 36 Blast points, but its base 210 attack amplified by a rank three Attack Boost is what makes this weapon truly intimidating. Just look at it.

All of this power, and not to mention the Rampage Skill, Fireblight Exploit, which can make Teostra's Castle switch axe strike with a truly explosive impact.

3 Undying Light (Thunder Element)

Monster Hunter Rise Online

Undying Light is another beacon of balance with a 220 base Attack, 22 Thunder Element, and 15 percent Affinity. That's enough to shock most foes, but just in case, the Rampage Skills contribute a rank two Affinity and Thunder Boosts along with a Dulling Strike skill for good measure.

Some hunters may prefer to go with the more thunderous Abyssal Axe or Despot's Cloudburst when looking for sheer element power as they boast 32 and 43 elemental stats, respectively. Still, the Undying Light's deftly honed intensity outshines all other switch axes.

2 Fall Drache (Dragon Element)

Monster Hunter Rise - via Steam

The Fall Drache is a stout switch axe indeed with a 200 base Attack, 22 Dragon Element, a 5 percent Affinity, and even an extra +5 Defense.

Rampage Skills can hone this power even more with a rank three Affinity boost and rank two Defense and Dragon Boosts.

1 Grior's Landmaker (Poison Element)

monster hunter rise characters fighting a huge green dragon. dragon breathing out cold air.

Grior's Landmaker is unquestionably the best switch axe to use when looking to poison monsters. It has the best balance of poison to base damage available; 25 to 210 respectively.

Further stacked with a Small Monster Exploit, Poison Boost, and rank two Attack Boost, Grior's Landmaker can be considered among the most lethal switch axes.

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