A successful play-through of Genshin Impact requires three things: a strong character, a great team, and amazing weapon choice. When playing with Shenhe, the number of viable weapons is pretty limited and access to each one depends on factors like loot drops, upgrades, and even game passes.

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There are, however, weapons ranging from three stars all the way up to five stars with strong base attack stats to choose from for Shenhe, all of which have their own perks (such as energy recharges) and bonuses for her and her teammates. Let's examine some of the best.

10 The Halberd

Genshin Impact Halberd Raiden Shogun posing with weapon

The Halberd is a three-star Polearm weapon that may be common and basic, but it has its benefits for Shenhe. The Halberd is the best possible three-star weapon in Genshin Impact because it offers attack as its substat, and it causes the normal attack to deal out an additional 160% damage every ten seconds. This makes it a decent substitute for higher graded weapons, especially those that are harder to get ahold of.


9 The Favonius Lance

Genshin Impact Favonius Lance Xiangling posing with weapon

The Favonius Lance has one of the lower attack numbers out of the four-star weapons, but can be used as a battery to help out any time your team is low on Energy Recharge. The critical hits also have a 60% chance of generating Elemental Particles, which will be used to get your overall team’s elemental burst back quicker. The Favonius Lance does have a higher base attack than the Catch, which is one of the common weapons players recommend for Shenhe.

8 The Lithic Spear

Lithic Spear Hu Tao posing with weapon

This Polearm weapon is of four-star quality, with a base attack between 44 and 565 depending on team stats and variables. The secondary stat offered by the Lithic Spear can increase the attacks anywhere from 6% to 27.6%, so creating a strong team around Shenhe will only maximize the damage she can dole out with this weapon. It will also add 3% attack and 7% weapons gains for all members on your team that are from the Liyue region, and this can be stacked up to four times.

7 The Wavebreaker’s Fin

genshin impact wavebreakers fin thoma with weapon during gameplay

Another four-star weapon, this one was accessible as Wish-exclusive content. So it's harder to get, but worth the effort. Its base attack can get up to 620 when at level 90, and has a passive ability that increases the elemental burst damage by a factor based on the total energy capacity of Shenhe’s entire team.

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This means the stronger the team you build, the higher your increase will be on burst damage, ensuring the versatility of the Wavebreaker’s Fin. Despite the more elusive nature of this weapon, you won't regret adding it to your armory.

6 The Deathmatch

Genshin Impact Rosaria Deathmatch

An alternative weapon for Shenhe that was available in the Premium Battle Pass, the Deathmatch is a four-star Polearm that has staggering perks that match its name. If you are facing off against two or more opponents in close proximity, it will increase your attack and defense stats by 16%. If there’s only one opponent nearby, however, you get a 24% attack boost instead. Even if Shenhe isn’t present on the battlefield, the buffs are always active for her teammates.

5 The Catch

genshin impact the catch raiden shogun posing with weapon

This four-star Polearm resembles a trident, physically standing out from all of the other weapons recommended for Shenhe. The Shanty skill it provides increases burst damage by 16%, and critical hits by 6%. The Catch is commonly recommended to use with Shenhe (among other characters) by players for its ease of access (it's free) and use. It also features Energy Recharge as its secondary stat, so it helps maintain power consistently in battle.

4 The Vortex Vanquisher

vortex vanquisher genshin impact

Another Polearm weapon, this one is ranked as a five-star. It comes with an attack bonus stat, a base attack of 46, a secondary attack that adds 10.8%, and it increases your shield strength by 20%. When you successfully hit an enemy, Shenhe’s attack will increase by 4% for eight-second intervals, and this can be stacked up to five times during a fight. As long as Shenhe is protected by a shield, she’ll also see an increase to her attack bonus by 100%. The Vortex Vanquisher is not a weapon to miss out on.

3 The Skyward Spine

skyward spine genshin impact

This five-star weapon will increase Shenhe’s crit rate by 8% and her normal attack speed by 12%. You’ll also see Shenhe’s normal and charged attacks getting a 50% chance to trigger Vacuum Blade as long as the hits connect with the enemy targets. When this happens, it will deal 40% of the attack damage within a small area of effect. The Skyward Spine is an impressive weapon that only increases Shenhe’s effectiveness in battle.

2 The Engulfing Lightning

engulfing lightning genshin impact

With a base attack between 46 and 608, this five-star Polearm is a top choice for characters with strong elemental bursts, like Shenhe. It offers an Energy Recharge bonus of 12% to 55.1%, helping with recovery from attacks to deal more damage. Its special passive is called ‘Timeless Dream: Eternal Stove’, which increases Shenhe’s attack power when in use. If you use her elemental burst, the Engulfing Lightning will also give her an extra Energy Recharge for 12 seconds afterward, giving her shorter periods of inactivity or lighter damage attacks.

1 The Calamity Queller

polearm display

Made from crystal, the weapon was released alongside Shenhe, implying their compatibility is more design than happenstance. You’ll find the Calamity Queller recommended time and time again for Shenhe. With bonus attack increases between 3.6% and 16.5% and base attacks ranging from 49 to 741, this five-star Polearm will enhance Shenhe in any team composition you place her in. It will increase all teammates’ elemental damage with the passive ability in ‘Extinguishing Precept’, making it a welcome addition.

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