Shailyn Cotten

Shailyn lives in Upstate New York in a spooky old house with her partner, a pup, and three cuddly cats. Before becoming a Game List Writer with TheGamer, Shailyn wrote entertainment listicles for Odyssey Online and TV recaps of SyFy shows for The Fandomentals. With a sweet spot for games that thread the line between wholesome and eerie, she aspires to create a safe space for other LGBTQIA+ gamers in her Twitch community. You can find her streaming cozy or creepy games at www.twitch.tv/vvitcheri

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Split image of Among Us crewmember in shadow, Minecraft Steve chasing a bee while holding a flower, and Fortnite Jonesey hiding in cover from enemy holding a tactical shotgun

The Best Games To Play On A Laptop

If you have access to a laptop, you have access to so many fantastic games. Even if it's not top-of-the-range, here are some great titles to play.

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